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A termite infestation is not apparent until it has incurred severe damages. Actually, termites live in a humid, dark and protected environment. All of these just make it difficult for you to find them. As they get their way to the woods inside and out, it could really be quite challenging to determine termite infestation. To make it easy for you if termite infestation is already infesting your area, consider the following signs below:

  • Mud Tubes on Your Wall

Termites build their own shelter tubes that are specifically made from debris, dirt and mud to travel from one place to another and to get foods without them being noticed. These tubes are just exactly similar to the size of a coin. These are usually found in the interior and exterior walls that lead them to the entry points in your house or building.

  • Termite Swarmers or Discarded Wings

The first sign of termite infestation can be immediately noticed with the presence of alates or Swarmers. Another sign is the presence of some discarded wings on the floors and windowsills. While these signs may disappear fast after their mating partners have found them, the disembodied and identical wings are also surely considered as termite infestation signs.

  • Hollow Sounding or Papery Timber

Termites usually consume woods inside and out that leave a thin veneer of paint or timber. When you try to tap or knock an area that has been damaged by a termite, it may exactly sound as papery or hollow. It is also because some of the parts have already been eaten away by these pests.

  • DifficultTo Open Windows and Tight Fitting Doors

As the termites bring damage to the timber, the mud or excrement usually creates a very protective environment. This can thereby trap the moisture and the heat. This could also cause the swelling of timber.     And thus, this makes it difficult to close or open the infested door or window.

  • Tunnels in Wood

The tunnels in the wood are also the galleries that can be quite difficult for you to see when you are outside.

  • Termite Droppings

When termites already have consumed wood, they will usually leave grainy and brown colored fecal mounds. These are now usually called as the fecal pellets. These are also usually found in the infested wood.

When you observed all the signs above, it is now a good idea to seek for immediate termite exterminator services.  They are the best and most professional people to help you get rid of your termite infestation problem.